Cement machine,TB.500, is a very strong and rugged machine with simple structure. Gearbox with 3 steel cogs. The spiral and backward movement of the blades is the specific feature of this machine.


Weight & Dimension: 1,900 kg, 2.35 x 2.05 x 2.70(height) m

Power: 220-380V; 3 Phases , 32 A

Motors: Two tot.19 kW electric motors

Capable of making high quality cured cement & blocks

Total time for loading, mixing & unloading less than 3 minutes & capable of preparing 500 liters cement.

Anti friction blades working with 3 steel cogs

Equipped with a tank 500 L tank that takes the first material to the mixer bucket with a separate gearbox

The bucket & the blades made of anti friction metal sheet

An unload port for cement under the main bucket working manually

Electric tap to control the time of pouring water to the main bucket

3 Phases Control Panel to operate & protect the components.

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