Cement machine, TB.1000, features high production quality and simply operation. Deal for great community projects.


Weight: 7,000 kg

Production of high quality dry mixtures with fine graining.

Changeable Double-Layered concrete mixer pot with 1cbm capacity and two tot. 30kW motors.

Mixing is done by four blades, mounted on tow shafts and driven by four steel gears.

Mixture lift with capacity of 1800 kg equipped with a 10 kW motor gearbox, which carries the dry mixture onto the pot.

Automatic water supply mechanism, which adjusts & controls the water flow into the pot.

Hydraulic-driven discharge vent at the bottom of the machine.

A 40L hydraulic oil tank equipped with a 25L hydraulic pump.

Loading ,mixing and discharge cycle takes less than 3 minutes.

Cement scaling/weighing system consists of a hydraulic cylinder-discharging hopper with a hydraulic valve and a couple material weighing load cells.

Automatic & Manual Control Panel with digital sate of art material weighing indicators.

Installed at a height.

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