30 meters long chain belt with two 8kW electric gearboxes to move the pallets beneath the moulds.

A gate bridge structure with 30m lengthwise & 11m widthwise movement with following specifications:

Four cast-iron wheels driven by two electric gearboxes (Tot. 3kW) to move the gate lengthwise.

A rotating robot with 11m widthwise movement & 1.50 meters course driven by an hydraulic cylinder & a 500cc hydraulic pump which picks pallets from the chain belt & stacks them in four levels.    

It can detach cement blocks from wood pallets.

It can load the packed products for shipment.

100L oil tank with a 5kW electric motor.

Hydraulic solenoid valve to automatically control the widthwise movement of the robot.

Hydraulic valve with two levers: One lever to move the robot up and down & the other to load and unload the robot.

Manual control panel

The robot can be designed & made for indoor & outdoor areas with bigger dimensions.

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