TB.M3158 Pallet & Block Transfer System



The products are transferred by pallet moving system into the elevator. The elevator can be manufactured from 10 to 12 levels high with two wood pallets per level.

Gross weight & overall dimensions: 4,800Kg – 2.20 x 2.00 x 5.50 m

Lifting weight: 400Kg

Power: 11kW

The pallet elevator is made of solid section steel.

The lifting elements consist of steel chains with solid angles.

These angles take the wood pallets.

The pallets and fresh blocks are lifted and stacked to maximum of 10 or 12 levels with 2 pallets per level.

Finger Car System (Mother and Son Cars)

The Finger Car collects the pallets from the Pallet Elevator and transfers them to the Curing Chamber. The system will collect the cured products and place them into the Pallet Lowerator.

Gross weight & overall dimensions: 5,200Kg – 3.15 x 2.25 x 5.00m

Lifting weight: 5,700Kg

Power: 4kW

The system is run by an operator.

The motors are controlled via Hydraulic Variable System for the smooth acceleration and braking of the cars.

The Son car is operated by an independent hydraulic group for easy maintenance.


This system is the same as the Pallet Elevator.

Finger Car System collects the cured products from the Curing Chamber and places them into the Pallet Lowerator, stacking to maximum of 10 or 12 levels with 2 pallets per level.

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